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Professionals Write on Grief

It is hard to fathom the magnitude of loss and grief currently being experienced in Asia. The deaths of over 100,000 people and the destruction of countless lives, homes, businesses, and towns are beyond the scope of most of our life time experiences. Loss on such a scale brings us a choice. After our initial reaction of shock and sadness we can look away and think that others will take care of the problem. Or we can follow our first instinct of wanting to do something and make even a small contribution to helping those who have been devastated. While making a financial contribution may not be as personally fulfilling as other types of helping, at this time financial contributions are the most needed. Although our grief may be different in origin from those in Asia, the human experience of grief is universal. May we begin 2005 in the spirit of reaching out beyond ourselves to help those who struggle with tragedy and loss.

Laura Slap-Shelton, Psy.D.

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