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Online Chat Series

Spirituality.com is an open-faith forum where people from a variety of beliefs and backgrounds share spiritual ideas, inspiration and prayers. In observance of the anniversary of 9/11, Spirituality.com will present stories of triumph from people who dealt with challenges related to the tragedy, and a community of support. Site visitors can connect with one another to discuss the impact of the tragedy one year later, and how their spiritual paths and searches have continued and potentially supported them during these times.

There will be a live chat series featuring New York City Fire Department Battalion Chief John A. Jonas as well as renowned spiritual authors and radical thinkers. The chat guests will discuss their spiritual-based ideas that have helped them change their outlook and find hope in a changed world. On Wed., Sept. 11, an open chat room will be available all day, literally from 12:01 a.m. ET until 11:59 p.m. ET for your community discussions on related topics.

The schedule for this special program is listed below:

The "Reflections on a Changed World 2002" chat series will feature the following special guests:

Sept. 9: Chief John A. Jonas, FDNY Battalion Chief
Chat topic: Courage, Leadership and the Power of Faith

Sept. 10: Dr. Wayner Dyer, best-selling author of Your Erroneous Zones
Chat topic: Real joy, right now. How?

Sept. 11: Open forum in the Science and Health chat room

Sept. 12: David Weinberger, well-known co-author of the best-selling Cluetrain Manifesto
Chat topic: The Spirituality of the Web's Architecture

Sept. 18: Peter Ackerman, scholar and lecturer in the field of non-violent conflict
Chat topic: A non-violent approach to peace - Is it possible?

Note: All chats will begin at 2 p.m. EDT.


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