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North and South Somali Widows Group (NSSWG)

By Halima Ali Ainte, Chairperson and Laura Slap-Shelton, Psy.D.

Recently, I was contacted by Halimia Ali Ainte, Chairperson of the North and South Somali widows group (NSSWG). This group was established in 1993 in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia. Their group has nine board members and a chairperson. They do not have a charter at this time. They meet weekly to help take care of their needs and of the needs of Somali widows. They train widows in human rights advocacy and how to advance in their ability to earn a living.

The Somali widows face very serious problems of survival and need emergency funding. The majority of their husbands were killed during the war. The widows themselves have been raped and tortured, and left with no way to take care of themselves and their children. They are also facing the ravages of HIV AIDS and other diseases which spread during the war.

They are seeking, in addition, to monetary support, capacity building, skills training and education for the widows and their children, and training in organizing to improve human rights for women. They are working with Unifem and UNAIDS.

You can contact Halima Ali Ainte or directly or through Unifem as well as through UNAIDS. The contact information sent by Halima is listed below.

Halima Ali Ainte, Chairperson Somali Widows
Email: nsswgwidows@yahoo.com

Telephone numbers (subject to change): 0722247143;
K4 office phone 002521559322 or 002521929435 Lul Muse Mogadishu Somalia
Phone 0722247143
UNAIDS Leo Kenny leo.kenny@undp.org
Fax:.254 20 4255191


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