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Healing Our Grief, Healing Our World
Vol. 6, Number 1September 2006

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Dear GriefandRenewal.Com Reader,

This newsletter finds our world a very troubled place indeed. Warfare and natural disasters are creating a huge need to increase resources and support for those who have been directly influenced. Those of us not directly effected must resist becoming numb to the suffering of others as we are barraged with a never ending flow of news of trauma and suffering.

As we who have grieved continue to heal our grief we are presented with the opportunity to help others and ultimately to participate in bringing healing to the world, a wonderful opportunity. This newsletter features a story from a reader about her experience of grief, a poem by another reader, news about a local Maine hospice and the exciting news that White Rainbow will be shown in New York this October. An update from the Guild of Service, and wonderful new African craft items added to our store on behalf of WRATH_Africa are also included.

Yours in healing and hope,

Laura Slap-Shelton, Psy.D.

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GriefandRenewal is proud to feature products made by the widows of India, and now we are also offering African Handicrafts for sale for the benefit of Kenya’s widow’s group WRATH_Africa. Please support the widows and the work of GriefandRenewal.Com by buying these wonderful products. We also have Dr. Mohini’s book about widows, the stress reducing kaleidoscopes and stress reduction tapes available.

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Featured Essay

A Year Later: A personal story of loss, grief and shining on
by Andrea DeLesDernier, musician, singer

“We all shine on, like the moon and the stars and the sun...”
John Lennon

A year ago today, I lost my seventeen year old nephew in a tragic car accident. Against the back drop of the imminent onslaught of Katrina, my family and I struggled to deal with the shock and disbelief of what was happening around us. We pulled close and braced for the biggest life storm yet.

To read the rest of this essay, click here.

Featured Poem

Forever and A Day
By Rene’
Copyright 2006

I woke up this morning
thinking of you
reached for your warmth
as I always would do.
Your side of the bed
was empty with fold
pillows in place
untouched and cold.
I did not smell coffee
the news was not on
things seem so different
since you are gone.
Your sweet smelling
scent is fading away
so I cling to your memory
in every possible way.
Motivating myself
is a struggle to do
hard to see sunshine
when feeling so blue.
They say it gets better
as time goes by
to look for the good
at least give it a try.
           Something happened
at work today
I started to call you
right away.
Sadly remembering
I hung up the phone
you were not there
God took you home.
My heart is hurting
my soul cries with pain
I've got nothing to lose
got nothing to gain.
Time is one asset
I have plenty to spare
holding on tight
going nowhere.
I'm looking for good
as I have been told
reaching for warmth
yet, shiver with cold.
Darling, I miss you in
every way
and still loving you
"Forever and a Day.'

White Rainbow Opens in New York

I’m thrilled to announce that White Rainbow, the movie depicting the plight of widows in India, is coming to New York! It will run from October 20 to October 26th.

For more information, click here.

Hospice of Southern Maine To Hold First Annual Home and Garden Auction
September 29, 2006

For more information, click here.

Featured Article

Gender Perspective Conference Held at Guild of Service, Rahat Ghar:
Dialogue at different levels to explore the problems of employment, livelihood and empowerment.
Submitted by Dr. V. Mohini Giri

Since, 2001 the Guild of Service started and initiated Rahat Ghar under the Swadhar Scheme of the Government of India, for empowerment of militancy-affected women, women in distress and women needing care. Our activities have carved a unique niche for ourselves as an initiative, which is transforming women and children from insecure to a totally secure transformation.

Our activities include a range of initiatives that include – active listening, counseling, articulation of concerns of women about livelihood and employment. Our initiative facilitates women to come together and become a vibrant voice for peace and justice. In an atmosphere marked by mistrust and suspicion the Guild promotes reconciliation through constant dialogue.

For the complete text of this article, click here.

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