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Chipping Away
by Margaret Brownley

After Michelangelo had chipped away at an eighteen-foot-high block of marble and created his famous statue of David, he was asked how he had created so much beauty from a mere block of marble. He reportedly replied that he simply chipped away everything that didn't look like David.

Grief is a marble stone that must be chipped away, little by little, day by day. With the same persistence as a sculptor, we must chip away anything that doesn't look like healing. We must chisel away the anger, scrape away the pain, and sand away the loneliness. Work hard enough and the block eventually grows rounder, smoother, and turns into a more pleasing and manageable form. New life emerges; a work of art.

What art is trapped in the stone of your grief? A more authentic self? A stronger faith? A more creative soul? A more compassionate spirit?

Sometimes it's memories we uncover; previously forgotten moments that make us smile or move us to loving tears.

Sometimes, we find another dimension of a loved one, another picture of God.

Keep chipping away, piece by piece, teardrop by teardrop--grief can make master sculptors of us all.

Margaret Brownley is the author of Grieving God's Way. A copy of her "Rules For Family Healing" can be downloaded free from her website: www.grievinggodsway.com.


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