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Books on Grief, Trauma & Recovery

Death And Trauma: The Traumatology Of Grieving (Series in Trauma and Loss)
cover   By Charles R. Figler (Editor), Brian E. Bride (Editor), Nicholas Mazza (Editor), Charles R. Figley (Editor)
Paperback (March 1, 1997); 250 pages
Taylor & Francis; ISBN 1560325267
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Heartwounds: The Impact of Unresolved Trauma and Grief on Relationships
cover   By Dayton Tian, Ph.D.
Paperback (October 1997); 259 pages
Health Communications; ISBN 1558745106
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Honoring Differences: Cultural Issues in the Treatment of Trauma and Loss (Series in Trauma and Loss)
cover   By Kathleen Nader (Editor), Nancy Dubrow (Editor), B. Hudnall Stamm (Editor)
Hardcover (May 1999); 256 pages
Brunner-Routledge; ISBN 0876309341
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Life After Trauma
cover   By Dena Rosenbloom, Mary Beth Williams, Barbara E. Watkins
(Paperback - 1999) 352 pp.
Guilford Press; ISBN 1572302399
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Loss and Trauma: General and Close Relationship Perspectives
cover   By John H. Harvey (Editor), Eric D. Miller (Editor)
Paperback; 1st edition (June 15, 2000); 415 pages
Brunner-Routledge; ISBN 1583910131
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Post-Trauma Stress: A Personal Guide to Reduce the Long-Term Effects and Hidden Emotional Damage Caused by Violence and Disaster
cover   By Frank Parkinson
Paperback (February 2000); 192 pages
Fisher Books; ISBN 1555612490
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The Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Sourcebook: A Guide to Healing, Recovery & Growth
cover   By Glen Schiraldi
(Paperback - 1999) 441 pp.
McGraw Hill-NTC; ISBN 0737302658
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Through My Ears Into My Soul
cover   By Christa L. Bissell
Pine Tree Publishing Ithaca, NY 2003
ISNB: 0-9744730-0-6, pp. 102
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Trauma & Recovery
cover   By Judith Herman, MD
(Paperback - 1997) 290 pp.
Basic Books; ISBN 0465087302
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