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Dr. Laura Slap-Shelton Publishes her Children's Book for Bereaved Children

Melissa's Magic Ride cover art
Melissa’s Magic Ride

Dr. Laura Slap-Shelton is thrilled to announce the publication of her newest book, Melissa’s Magic Ride. Drawing from her personal and professional experience, Dr. Slap-Shelton created this appealing story for all children and in particular to helped bereaved children. The story follows Melissa, a child whose father died when Melissa was quite young. Assigned to tell her classmates about her father the next day, Melissa goes to bed wishing to see or remember her father. She awakens to find that her bed can fly her to the fanciful “planet” where her father now resides. What follows is Melissa’s exciting outward adventure and soulful inner journey to the heart of her relationship with her father. Slap-Shelton’s use of whimsy, beautifully complimented by Lon Eric Craven’s illustrations, highlights but never overshadows the story’s true message: the love between Melissa and her father is real. It will stay with Melissa throughout her life. Melissa’s magic ride is available at www.melissasmagicride.com or by direct order to info@griefandrenewal.com. It will be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble in four to six weeks.


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